About Xtreme Sponge

Our core business is the production and wholesale distribution of cleaning products based on an open-cell foam material made from melamine resin referred to as melamine foam. We distribute the final products under the trade name of Xtreme Sponge, as well as thorough into private label agreements with distributors in the NAFTA trade area. Xtreme Sponge is unique in the manufacturing business because of our direct relationship with an extensive marketing group that is made available to our distributors. Not only can we assemble the product, but we have the ability to produce marketing materials from print to television that will help it sell.

Xtreme Sponge, LLC is a Utah based company that was formed in the fall of 2003. The initial marketing of the Xtreme Sponge started in the first quarter of 2004, and over the last two years, tens of millions of users in the United States have become familiar with this new cleaning phenomenon. During the late 1990s, melamine sponge products emerged on the world market and have gained momentum ever since. This cleaning craze thrives because people are tired of using harsh chemicals and spending hours scrubbing to remove annoying stains. Our company provides a simple, chemical-free solution to removing stains from hard surfaces.

Xtreme Sponge, LLC has entered into an agreement with the manufacture of the raw material. The raw material is then processed and packaged by us into several unique products. There are an extremely limited number of manufactures currently authorized to produce this product. Xtreme Sponge, LLC is one of the few, and has been given the right to distribute in the United States, Canada and Mexico. This right to distribute allows us to have an uninterrupted supply of high quality product for these markets.

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